$4.8M will upgrade Forest Bioproducts Research Institute facilities, bolster bioproduct research

The Synthetic Crude Oil Pilot Plant (SynCOPP) designed for continuous production for 100 kilograms per day TDO oil. SynCOPP uses mixed-acids derived from sawdust processed in a companion Biomass to Bioproducts Pilot Plant at 1 ton per day feeding capacity. Photo by Amy Luce


The University of Maine Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI) will upgrade its Technology Research Center (TRC) in Old Town and Process Development Center (PDC) in Jenness Hall to bolster ongoing efforts to create new bioproducts, increase production and find uses for woody biomass materials typically considered waste.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded FBRI $4.8 million for its research in crafting renewable fuel, heating oil, chemicals, plastics and other goods from woody biomass at a large scale.


Source: UMaine News


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