Montreal, January 15, 2020FPInnovations is pleased to announce that its cellulose filament production technology will once again be brought to a commercial scale following Resolute Forest Products‘ announcement of a $27.7 million investment in its Kénogami plant in Quebec.

Last fall, FPInnovations had re-launched its popular series of forest-operations web conferences with a schedule of now eleven webinars that are taking place up until March 12.

Montreal, Quebec – December 18, 2019 Lim Geomatics, a software and consulting company that leverages innovative technology to create geospatial products and services in the natural resources sector, and FPInnovations, a non-profit organization that specializes in the creation of solutions that support the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness, have developed a strategic partnership to continue blazing an exciting digital trail for the forest industry.

A few years ago, FPInnovations undertook a research project to facilitate the automated separation of wood species. The project, which initially targeted the pulp and paper sector, gradually turned into an advanced vision tool for the development of real-time adaptive control technologies applicable to sawmills. 

Building on the foundation of previous research on achieving greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions-free mills, FPInnovations scientists have gone a step further and completed a full evaluation of energy efficiency across the forest-sector value chain.

Montreal, Quebec – December 6, 2019 – FPInnovations applauds the Ontario government’s support of the forest sector, and the continued advancement of traditional and innovative wood products, with the release of its draft Forest Sector Strategy.

How can virtual reality improve forest operations’ operational performance and land-based resource management?

Let’s face it, convenience is king. We’re more likely to recycle and compost if we have curbside service and if we forget our reusable grocery bags at home, we can buy more at the checkout counter. 

Machine operators have a huge impact on fuel efficiency and productivity. The difference in productivity between the worst and best operators can be as much as 30%, while proper maintenance of a machine can result in significant fuel savings. To help its members increase their productivity, FPInnovations offers Smart Operator for Forestry workshops across Canada.

Scientists in FPInnovations’ wildfire operations research and fibre-supply are combining their expertise in a joint research project with the city of Quesnel, B.C., funded in part by the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia, to better understand how harvesting techniques can reduce hazardous vegetative fuel to lower the threat of catastrophic wildfires near urban areas while preserving a forest’s ecosystem.

BioDesign, a consortium of companies, associations, academic and research institutions from several sectors (including FPInnovations), is formed around a collective mission from the public and private sectors to make Canada a low-carbon industrial bioeconomy leader.

According to Natural Resources Canada, more than 60 percent of the total energy usage in residential buildings goes towards space heating1; a huge outlay, particularly considering the trend of increasing heating fuel prices.

Let’s face it, convenience is king. We’re more likely to recycle and compost if we have curbside service and if we forget our reusable grocery bags at home, we can buy more at the checkout counter.

A newly released report on the productivity and utilization of winch-assist machines in Canada and New Zealand provides insight into the efficient management of steep-slope harvesting at a time when the demand for the system is increasing in both countries.

On the heels of the first-ever Canadian truck platooning trials on forest resource roads last year, FPlnnovations and partners Resolute Forest Products and Auburn University, have successfully conducted new platooning trials near La Tuque, Quebec, north of Trois Rivières, to test the system’s new features.

FPInnovations’ most attended and anticipated annual course, the Pulp, Paper, and Bioproducts course, will take place from October 7 to 11, 2019 at FPInnovations’ Pointe-Claire, Quebec location.

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