A peer-reviewed article entitled “Chemical and structural characterization of hardwood and softwood LignoForce™ lignins” and co-authored by FPInnovations was published in the international journal Industrial Crops & Products (Volume 173, December 2021).

FPInnovations is pleased to invite interested participants to a Webinar on the Role of Canada’s Forest Sector for Economic Development and Climate Change Mitigation, to be held November 10, 2021 (from 1:00 – 2:15 EDT or 10:00 – 11:15 PDT).

In forestry, where a considerable number of roads are built annually, the excessive presence of water in soils has a significant impact on road performance. This leads to reduced road reliability, increased road life cycle costs and reduced access to fibre.

SilviScan is a multifaceted technology comprised of an advanced suite of software and instruments including a cell scanner, x-ray densitometer, and x-ray diffractometer, which are used together to measure wood structure and quality that are most relevant to industry.

It is no secret that electrification is the future. Over just a few years, electrification moved from being a concept to being a reality. And we’re not talking about cars anymore, we’re talking heavy-duty trucks used in the energy, mining, and forestry sectors.

From October 15 to 18, 2021, Kyoto (Japan) will host the Woodrise international congress for the development of mid- and high-rise wood buildings. WOODRISE 2021 Kyoto, which will be held under the theme Wooden Buildings for Sustainable Development – from the Traditional to the Future, follows the 2019 event held in Quebec City (Canada) in 2019 and is a continuation of Woodrise’s activities on wood construction.

Workplace safety and profitability are two fundamental values of any organization. If not carefully managed, corrosion of rotating and fixed equipment in a process can seriously compromise both values, whether at pulp mills or other manufacturing and chemical processing facilities.

Roads built over weak soils reduce allowable truck payloads, inhibit vehicle traction, pose a safety hazard, and lead to higher road maintenance costs over time. Critically weak road sections also reduce transportation efficiency thus limiting access to fibre.

The list of FPInnovations’ most recent reports, publications and recordings has been updated to July 15, 2021.

There’s no end in sight to the worldwide interest in sustainable bio-based materials. Their role towards a global and sustainable bioeconomy is crucial. Integrating local bio-sourced products in concrete applications has specifically been a growing interest for the Canadian government and industry.

Version 2.2.0 of FPInterface is now available! It features enhancements, new convenient features, and software error corrections.

“Paper” and “stretch” are words that don’t usually go together. But in a reality where regulations on single-use plastics are increasing, paper is proving itself a worthy player as an alternative to plastic-containing products.

The list of FPInnovations’ most recent reports, publications and recordings has been updated to May 31, 2021.

Water transport of logs is a cost-effective means of log transport where there is water access. This is done within booms, built using long logs, or “boomsticks”, chained together to hold log bundles within the boom during storage and transport.

Have you ever wondered how the amount of fuel used in your operations compares to others in your industry? Whether your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are reasonable, or if they could be better? With your help, FPInnovations can help you find the answers to these questions!

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