British master papermaker, James Cropper, based near Kendal in the English Lake District, has invested in the web-hosted Machine Sentry® system to monitor and provide 'watchkeeping' data and fault diagnosis to support the on-site engineering team in planning an effective programme of equipment maintenance and replacement.

Chatter on a Yankee is a result of multiple process and mechanical issues in the manufacturing of tissue that cause the doctor blade to skip or flex, and eventually bounce on the dryer surface digging into the metal and leaving chatter marks.

A high-volume, high-speed single facer at a corrugated packaging plant located in California (USA) was having issues with poorly bonded board after starting up from a stoppage of any duration. The poor bond between the corrugated medium and liner was resulting in excess waste and lost production.

With energy consumption being of prime importance in keeping operating costs optimized there are a number of design considerations at the PM Dryer Hood which can have a significant impact on energy savings.

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