Segezha Group's bioenergy projects are recognised by Deloitte as best practices


As part of the international survey Goal 13 Impact Platform by Deloitte (a global network of consulting companies), the activities of Segezha Group (MOEX: SGZH, part of AFK Sistema) are considered a success story in the use of alternative energy sources. The survey analyses the prospects for achieving UN Goal 13 in the field of sustainable development.

20 companies from the steel, mining, chemical, forestry, energy, telecom and trade industries, including Segezha Group, took part in the Deloitte survey "Goals and Commitments in Fighting Climate Change, Overview of Key Initiatives, Impact of Initiatives. Challenges, Results, Plans." As a result, the section of the document "Progress of Russian Companies in Fighting Climate Change and Its Consequences" covered Segezha Group's developments in the field of climate impact management: "In the company's operations, a large amount of bark and wood waste is generated. The group is upgrading its current production facilities and constructing new ones, with the intention to use sawmill by-products for energy generation. The use of wood pellets can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and solve the problem of how to recycle sawmill waste. Its combustion emits ten times less greenhouse gases compared to traditional fuels. Also, one of the company's plants is already using electricity from renewable sources, specifically, wind power".

That the climate agenda is at the forefront for major businesses in Russia is confirmed by 80% of the Deloitte survey's respondents having declared plans to actively work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Segezha