A Stunning Tissue Making Program at PaperWeek 2021

Event News

The Tissue Making track will run 3 sessions from Monday to Wednesday in the afternoon.

Look forward to expert presentations on Tissue efficiency, performance and trends!

eventNews1 12jan21 2Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations, Tissue Track LeaderSESSION 1, Monday Feruary 8, 14:00 ET- Creping & Converting Efficiency

“Importance of Selecting and Using Crepe Blades”, Denis Martin, Kadant Canada
“New Insights into Tissue Creping Mechanics”, Phani Srikantha, UBC
“Using Simulation to Increase a Tissue Converting Line OEE”, Vincent Béchard, Différence GCS

SESSION 2, Tuesday Feruary 9, 14:00 ET- Tissue Performance

“Tissue Flushabiity Testing”, Tony Manfred, FPInnovations
“Characterization of Tissue Water Absorption with FPAborbware”, Robert Marineau, Technidyne
“Relationship between Fiber Properties and Tissue Performance – An Overview”, Zhibin He, UNB

SESSION 3, Wednesday Feruary 10, 14:00 ET- Trend in Tissue Furnish, Market, and Technology

“Top Ten Pulp & Paper Market Issues 2020-2030”, Brian McClay, Brian McClay Associates
“Trends in Tissue Furnish”, Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations
“Improving Structured Tissue Efficiency with Sustainability”, David Welsford, Solenis

Visit www.paperweek.ca for details on program and registration

Source: PAPTAC