BIOFOR International 2020

Event News

BIOFOR International 2020, PAPTAC’s flagship conference dedicated to the forest bioeconomy runs in parallel with the renowned PaperWeek Canada Conference.

It will be held on February 3-6, 2020 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal (QC, Canada), under the theme “Bioeconomy: From innovative breakthroughs to new business models”. BIOFOR represents a premier forum to discuss the major advancements in the deployment of the forest bioeconomy, bringing together key players of the forest industry and cross-sectors from North America, Europe and Worldwide. We encourage academia, manufacturers, research institutes, engineering consultants, chemical, agri-food & other industry sectors and government to submit their latest work for presentation in the program.

Main topics for presentation submissions:


  • Bioeconomy and circular economy: New business initiatives
  • New biochemical building blocks and biomaterials of the future
  • International perspective of the market drivers for advanced renewable fuels
  • Leverage pulp mill assets
  • Policies and impacts on sustainable growth of bioeconomy
  • Financing opportunities in a bioeconomy context


  • New biorenery concepts and potential industrial applications
  • Valorization of lignin, cellulose and extractives
  • Downstream processing and innovative bioproducts
  • New non-traditional applications of cellulose
  • Biomass chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and engineering
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Energy and GHG intensities of value-added bio-based products
  • Innovation superclusters and other network funding opportunities for R&D&D
  • Biomass supply potential: socio-economic challenges, sustainability, key policy issues and knowledge gaps


  • Big data, data analytics, and articial intelligence: changing the face of engineering and real-time forest management for successful transformation strategies
  • Intellectual property and data security
  • Transformative technologies: core changes, new ways of using wood bres, nano-biomimetic
  • Forest value chain: new strategies in response to emerging climate and commercial challenges facing the forest sector.
  • Tomorrow's forest industry leaders
  • Start-ups as a major driver for technology transfer

Visit to submit abstracts for PaperWeek Canada’s program

Abstracts should not exceed 300 words
Abstracts should be sent by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before September 16th
Authors will receive a follow-up email regarding conditional acceptance of their submission or non-selection
Late submissions may not be considered for the program
* A poster session is also being planned

Source: PaperWeek Canada