Not all doom and gloom in recycling markets

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John Mullinder
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John's Letter to the Toronto Star printed

Re: Why some of our recyclables are going to an Ontario landfill, Toronto Star 16 September 2019.

Not all doom and gloom in recycling markets

Yes, recycling markets are going through a difficult patch, adjusting to the new reality of reduced shipments to Asia. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Most paper packaging made in Canada is now 100% recycled content, a major achievement. Mostly it’s made from old corrugated boxes collected from the back of Canadian factories and supermarkets. Ontario’s Blue Box system kicks in as well, delivering an amazing 98% of the corrugated (shipping) boxes that end up in the home.

We need those old boxes to keep coming. It’s our feedstock. And yes, we would prefer them to be as clean as possible, not mixed up with plastic, glass or metal. Coffee stains and pizza boxes (without the pizza) are not a problem. The high temperatures required to make a new box effectively kill all bacteria. So yes, please keep those old corrugated boxes clean, and keep them coming.

John Mullinder
Executive Director
The Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC)