Climate change is a growing threat to the world’s population. Discussions at the recent COP26 Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, concluded with a goal of Net Zero by 2050, a statement that reiterates the importance of finding solutions to reduce GHG emissions.

In efforts to introduce forest-based bioproducts to new markets, FPInnovations — a Canadian research and development centre specializing in the creation of solutions that accelerate the growth of the Canadian forest sector all while reducing Canada’s carbon emissions — set up a remarkable concrete lab that opens the door for future collaborations and allows for exciting new ventures. Take a look!

FPInnovations’ partnership with Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY continues to stimulate the Canadian Pulp and Paper (P&P) industry by focusing on energy management, process debottleneck to facilitate the diversification of products, and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions (GHG).

A peer-reviewed article entitled “Chemical and structural characterization of hardwood and softwood LignoForce™ lignins” and co-authored by FPInnovations was published in the international journal Industrial Crops & Products (Volume 173, December 2021).

SilviScan is a multifaceted technology comprised of an advanced suite of software and instruments including a cell scanner, x-ray densitometer, and x-ray diffractometer, which are used together to measure wood structure and quality that are most relevant to industry.

It is no secret that electrification is the future. Over just a few years, electrification moved from being a concept to being a reality. And we’re not talking about cars anymore, we’re talking heavy-duty trucks used in the energy, mining, and forestry sectors.

From October 15 to 18, 2021, Kyoto (Japan) will host the Woodrise international congress for the development of mid- and high-rise wood buildings. WOODRISE 2021 Kyoto, which will be held under the theme Wooden Buildings for Sustainable Development – from the Traditional to the Future, follows the 2019 event held in Quebec City (Canada) in 2019 and is a continuation of Woodrise’s activities on wood construction.

Workplace safety and profitability are two fundamental values of any organization. If not carefully managed, corrosion of rotating and fixed equipment in a process can seriously compromise both values, whether at pulp mills or other manufacturing and chemical processing facilities.

There’s no end in sight to the worldwide interest in sustainable bio-based materials. Their role towards a global and sustainable bioeconomy is crucial. Integrating local bio-sourced products in concrete applications has specifically been a growing interest for the Canadian government and industry.

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