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In 2021, the global consumption of paper cups reached more than 244.7 billion units. Most of them still have a non-recyclable plastic lid on.

After many years of advancement, the forestry profession is increasingly going digital. Research and teaching at UBC Forestry are heading the charge, offering students the best possible opportunities to learn and gain skills using industry-focused digital software and hardware.

Mondi has expanded its innovative range of medium, high and very high-barrier paper-based packaging, ensuring excellent product protection

KINGSEY FALLS, QC, Jan. 25, 2023 - Cascades is proud to announce the launch of a new closed basket made of recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard for the produce sector.

The latest innovation from Koehler, NexPlus® Advanced, is an evolution of the Koehler Paper’s barrier concept, with the aim of replacing plastic as a packaging material where appropriate.

A recyclable pouch made of Paptic® to replace plastic in vegetable packaging is a WorldStar award winner.

At a time when energy is an issue affecting many millions of people worldwide, scientists at KTH have managed to harvest electricity by passing water through refined wood. Their work has recently been published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Growing up in Rumford, Maine, Liza White learned the extent to which paper manufacturers contribute to the rural economies in which they operate. Residents would regularly say “paper is money” in relation to the mill’s importance; they would celebrate its successes and shudder when it struggled.

Ecohelix, a scale-up company that has a patented technology to produce high-performance biopolymers from side streams of the pulp industry, received SEK 30 million in new capital in a financing round in July.

Florian Schmidt at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University, together with researchers at RISE Piteå, receives SEK 7.7 million from the Swedish Energy Agency to generate the necessary knowledge for implementation of oxyfuel combustion in existing biomass combustion plants.

SASKATOON – Getting more useful products out of renewable resources like wood is the goal of scientists who are using Canada’s only synchrotron.

We recently discussed the various factors that are impacting market pulp prices. Market pulp is a critical global commodity within the pulp and paper industry as it plays a primary role in manufacturing numerous paper grades.