Since 1994, Canmec Division La Baie has been a major player in the North American pulp and paper industry, specializing in the design, manufacture and repair/covering of paper machine rolls. Canmec has designed and/or repaired more than 5,500 rolls that are currently in operation.

It has been said that change happens gradually and then suddenly. UPM’s transformation will take one of its longest strides forward in the coming months, says President and CEO Jussi Pesonen.

Cameras have been used inside paper machines for decades. But, as with most technology, the evolving sophistication of in-machine cameras and the vast amount of data they can collect has made them indispensable to papermakers.

Eco-friendly packaging is safe for people and the environment and is simple to recycle. It employs as many renewable or recycled resources as it can, as well as renewable energy. Therefore, it is often referred to as “sustainable packaging” or “green packaging.”

The CANMEC team specialized in the design, manufacture, repair, recovery, and installation of paper machine rolls since 1994.

With a network of pipes, joints and valves that can often seem complex, your compressor room can sometimes hide nasty surprises. But it's only air, you say? Although air is everywhere in your plant, it is distributed at a cost.

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