At the heart of the tissue making process is the Yankee dryer where critical properties are given to the tissue being produced. Yankee steam systems are used to deliver heat to Yankee dryer and evacuate the condensed and non-condensed steam.

Flow meters are highly customizable due to differences in design, function, accuracy, and build components such as tube materials, end block materials, fittings, floats, valves, o-rings, flow configurations and more.

In papermaking, linting or dusting is the loss of fibers from the paper sheet. It typically occurs early in the drying process and creates buildup on dryers and wears doctor blades. It is also a fire hazard. Although linting occurs in the dryer section, it is not caused by the dryer section. It starts in the forming section.

Any improvement initiative within reliability and maintenance is a journey towards a state of continuous improvement. You will never reach a final destination. You might state that your goal is 95% planned and scheduled maintenance and 96% reliability.

Many Reliability and Maintenance improvement initiatives fail to deliver sustainable (and continuously improving) results in improved safety, manufacturing throughput, and costs.

Sam was recently promoted to maintenance manager from assistant maintenance manager now with a long time maintenance employee/union official/supervisor appointed back up.

Drones have great potential in mills; benefits include safety, efficiency, and cost—and they’re fun to use.

Rosenthal am Rennsteig, October 5, 2020 – Mercer’s pulp mills regularly carry out planned and extensive safety inspections, cleaning and maintenance of the vessels and equipment, which requires an overall break in production to ensure we run reliably. This break in production can take several days or weeks.

TICONDEROGA | International Paper’s Ticonderoga mill will stage its annual maintenance shutdown this fall, a relatively routine procedure under normal circumstances that has become a Gordian Knot of logistical angling in the world of the coronavirus.

We know that we need the support of operations in order to reach top-notch reliability in our plants. Does your operations manager know exactly what your expectations are? Have you identified, communicated and agreed upon exactly what you need operations to do?  

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