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We are pleased to announce that Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. has joined as a patron of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, highlighting its environmental leadership and commitment to the industry’s growing sustainable supply chain.

Our associations represent industrial sectors regulated under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and support the Commission’s Green Deal objective to review EU measures to address pollution from large industrial installations, look at the sectoral scope of the legislation and how to make it fully consistent with climate policies.

The B.C. government’s plan to break up large forest harvest licences and share the resource with secondary manufacturers and Indigenous communities hasn’t worked, so Crown timber rights will be redistributed by the government, Premier John Horgan has warned industry executives.

At this time of the year, rivers and ponds in western Newfoundland are usually awash with the spring runoff, meaning high water levels and steady power generation for the Deer Lake hydroelectric station.

A new study of B.C.’s forest industry says the sector plays a big role throughout the province, and is larger than most people think.

DS Smith’s plant to be expanded with state-of-the-art corrugator and automation of internal transport.

This year, to celebrate responsible forestry and FSC, we have designed an entire week of celebrations culminating in FSC Friday - our annual global awareness day.

To help small and community forests attain FSC certification, FSC has been working to modify requirements that take into account the size, intensity and capacity of operations in these forests to ensure the new standard can be equally applicable to small-scale, low intensity and community forests.

FSC Canada would like to welcome Etienne Vezina, Resolute Forest Products to the FSC Canada Board of Directors.

FSC Canada welcomes back Orrin Quinn as Regional Manager, Western Canada

Market pulp is a critical global commodity within the pulp and paper industry. As such, market pulp is a constant fixture in global trade flows because of its primary role in manufacturing numerous paper grades.

China is the world’s largest importer of softwood and hardwood logs, and for many decades, Russia has been a significant log supplier for them.

After a complete dryer section rebuild supplied by Toscotec, Cartiera di Ferrara fired up PM1 at its mill in Ferrara, Italy.

Greenpaper rebuilds the press section and increases the pre-dryer section of paper machine 3

Cartonifício Valinhos, Brazil, has started up the rebuilt vacuum system on PM3.

PAPRESA, the leading southern European manufacturer of newsprint, commissioned Voith in March to completely rebuild PM 5 at the Rentería mill in Spain.

UPM Raflatac has earned multi-site certification to the first edition of the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System for its ten label stock production facilities.

Sam was recently promoted to maintenance manager from assistant maintenance manager now with a long time maintenance employee/union official/supervisor appointed back up.


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