VPK Group launches the conversion of the DA Alizay industrial site, located in the Normandy region, into a hub for sustainable development in the circular economy. VPK Group announces to carry out the rebuilding of the paper machine with Valmet Oyj.

UPM has sold the Kaipola mill site in Jämsä, Finland, to Kaipola Green Port Oy. Kaipola Green Port is a real estate development company owned by Finnish private citizens.

Melker of Sweden is an outdoor company aiming to be the best in sustainability. The design collaboration with Stora Enso to develop a packaging for their new paddle was successful in more than one way. The turnout is a renewable corrugated box, a wall hanger, a storyteller and an awarded design – free from fossil plastic.

Fifty years ago, on 16 October 1971, the Kemi mill launched its liner production. The mill, which originally produced brown kraftliner, has developed its products to serve as an increasingly high-quality material for packaging and showcases. Today, Metsä Board’s Kemi mill is a leading producer of coated white top kraftliners.

Some 100 million tonnes of textile fibres are produced every year, mostly from fossil-based materials, with less than one percent recycled. But thanks to OnceMore®, the industry is a step closer to a more circular model.

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 30, 2021 -- Hygiene and health company Essity is today presenting a breakthrough in sustainable tissue production and is beginning production based on pulp from wheat straw. The plant in Mannheim, Germany, is the first of its kind in Europe, and the first on a large-scale tissue production in the world.

Casmatic Zephyrus is a flexible solution consisting of four modules that can be integrated into existing packaging lines: the first module constructs the boxes, the second receives the tissue product for packaging from the cutting-off machine, followed by the pick & place module that inserts the product into the boxes, and finally the module that closes and glues them.

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